Executive Leadership Session on Building Relationships & Developing People

This one day special executive development event is planned for January 19, 2016, the day that precedes a major three day CODE meeting in Toronto. It will be delivered at Ivey’s Tangerine Leadership Centre at 130 King Street West in downtown Toronto. The instructor for the day will be Ivey faculty member David Loree. David has been the Academic Director for both Series IV and the upcoming  Series V of The Learning Partnership’s Directors’ Institute at Ivey. By offering this one-day event at a special price ($99) and with the convenience of it being held on the day before CODE it is hoped that a significant number of Directors from across Ontario will take advantage of the opportunity to get “a taste of Ivey”. Both case studies being utilized on this day are unique to all Directors as they were  not used in Series IV in 2014 nor will they be used in Series V (planned for July and October of 2016).

Program Overview

The over-arching theme of the day revolves around “How Leaders Leverage Talent: From Selection to Evaluation to Development to Succession”. Two case studies will be presented that have a history of generating lively debate and high energy and interaction. This experience, presented by David Loree, will give participants a sampling of the Ivey methodology and a good sense of the type and quality of executive development opportunities that characterize The Learning Partnership’s Directors Institute that will be delivered later in 2016.

Participants will be exposed to the following objectives:
- How to identify best practices for spotting emerging talent within organizations
- Making effective decisions around selection and succession by translating assumptions about potential into hard data
- Discussing the strategic choices that allow talent identification to become a natural part of your organizational culture
- Exploring essential elements of a performance management system in a broad organizational context, specifically regarding the identification and reward of top performers
- How to structure situations where you can distinguish technical skills and knowledge from leadership wisdom and judgment
- Developing the sweet spot in delegation: neither abdication (sink or swim) nor hand holding (let me do it for you!)
- Understanding human biases that come into the process of making attributions about performance problems  

Session Date/Location

This unique one day learning opportunity will be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at Ivey’s Tangerine Leadership Centre at 130 King Street West in Downtown Toronto
For more information and to register, contact:

Rod Thompson
Director of Executive Leadership Programs
416 440 5108
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