The Ontario Supervisory Officer Executive Leadership program

The Ontario Supervisory Officer Executive Leadership program is designed to encompass leadership and relationship development and address leadership issues that are common to all supervisory officers. Role-specific leadership development issues for business, operation and human resources are also addressed.

The Learning Partnership initially developed this program in collaboration with the Council of Directors of Ontario (CODE), Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association (OPSOA), Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association (OCSOA) in association with the Joseph L. Rotman School of Business, at the University of Toronto.
The Ontario Supervisory Officers Executive Leadership Program has successfully completed seven series of the program since it started in July of 2007. In total, 190 Supervisory Officers have registered for the program, creating an extensive network of alumni across the province of Ontario. The program received a re-set for series VII after significant consultation with Supervisory Officers across Ontario , the Ministry of Education and the Executive programs department at the Rotman School of Management.

Why is this Initiative Important for Education in Ontario?

Supervisory Officers are key leaders in the executive ranks of school districts who:
  • Interpret the operational implications of Ministry of Education and school district education strategy
  • Lead the drive for district-wide education improvement
  • Are the primary source of future Directors of Education, and must have the capacity to capture the minds and hearts of all the diverse interests in their communities
  • Recognize and embrace the necessary innovations and systemic and personal changes that are fundamental to achieving education improvement
  • Must be attuned to the high level of transparency and accountability demanded of public sector institutions
  • Exercise the financial and human resources skills to successfully lead in complex public sector enterprises

Who Should Attend?

The program features unique forums for advanced collaborative dialogue with public and private sector leaders and is designed for individuals who have at least one year of experience in an Ontario Supervisory Officer or equivalent functional business supervisory position.

For more information, contact:

Rod Thompson
Director of Executive Leadership Programs
416 440 5108
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